Internet searches reveal the enthusiasm our consumers
have for Crinkle Colors™ and VeryFine™ shreds beyond packaging and gift giving. 









Commonly used for table centerpieces and gift-giving among members of the wedding party, our Golden Blends and Silver Blends reflect a special and momentous occasion.





Sensory Exploration

Crinkle is a tactile sensory learning experience.  It encourages relaxation and social interaction while developing fine motor skills essential for literacy and writing.  Each colorful strand inspires expression and creativity, and because Crinkle is non-toxic and biodegradable, it allows carefree messy play without getting dirty.














Because the Crinkle Colors and VeryFine shreds absorb water, they keep the soil moist for thirsty plants, and our classic Kraft blends nicely into the soil.







Pet Play

Spring-Fill loves pets almost as much as you do. Our Crinkle is an eco-friendly alternative for recreation and play that is safe around your furry friend.













Pet Bedding

Our paper products can be confidently used with pets because ours dyes and inks are non-toxic
and water soluble. You can use it for habitat enrichment and enclosure bedding.




...and more!

Let Spring-Fill shreds complement your next sports themed party or use with your crafting and scrapbooking activities!!


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