It's no accident that our Crinkle Colors™ stands out in stores. The crisp package design and rich texture of our product is a magnet for shoppers. For gift baskets, gift bags and boxes, scrapbooking and craft applications, the end-user can coordinate gift giving, visual displays and centerpieces.







Easy to Customize Retail Bags

We provide bags in several dimensions holding a variety of shred weights. Choose a printed bag stating your company's brand, a clear and labeled bag, or bags printed with the Spring-Fill brand.

  • Sombrero hang-hole for easy pegging
  • Call out 100% Made in the USA
  • Sizes ranging from 1 oz. to 8 oz. 





Merchandising Expertise

In addition to pegging, we configure Spring-Fill packaging and put-ups to accommodate any shelving, end cap or racking system. No matter the space and type of put-up required, we have a solution that makes Crinkle Colors easy to merchandise.



Vibrant & Lasting Colors

Our ultra-vivid hues and non-toxic dyes lead to rich color that won't fade on the shelf or in the basket. 


There's something for everyone, every day.


Click the link below to see some of the colors we have to offer.


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Endless Blending Opportunities

The secret to our success is listening to you! By manipulating the layers of Crinkle Colors, we can make the shred brighter or warmer ... sophisticated or nostalgic.
Our tonal blends add dimension, and including metallics and iridescence adds glittery prestige. Peruse our in-stock options or work with our team to create something new with color, texture and sparkle.


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