From pulp to packaging, we ensure that Spring-Fill® shreds are the best in their class. You'll get a value-added product at a competitive price, delivered in the amounts you need, exactly when you need it. Find out more about our distribution options below. 





Sustainable and Easy to Ship

Our manufacturing process starts with sustainable paper and the perfect balance of recycled content that is infused with non-toxic dyes in exact Pantone® values.

Our logistics management system can meet your stocking needs.


  • Five-pound, ten-pound and forty-pound corrugated cartons available
  • EDI and data sync capabilities










Product Uses Suggested

Your accurately weighed corrugated cartons convey "suggested uses" your customers will appreciate.

  • For Consumers: gift baskets, gift bags, gift boxes, scrapbooking and craft applications
  • For Businesses: a packaging medium for shipping, providing both protective loose-fill packing material and brand enhancement
  • For Designers: a decorative element for visual displays, centerpieces, corporate gifts and marketing campaigns 


Color, Blend and Texture Options are Endless

Don't forget to add some sparkle! 


Crinkle Cut

The 3D zigzag design means that Crinkle Colors won’t compress or flatten. Our triple layer shred has spring and maintains its shape.

Crinkle Cut

Very Fine

Shipped loosely in five-pound boxes or baled and protectively sealed, this 1/20” straight shred comes in every in-stock color and blend. An alternative to Crinkle Colors, this decorative product easily fills small crevices and spaces.

Very Fine

Pure Metallic

Introduced in 2017 and manufactured as both Crinkle Colors and VeryFine shreds, our Pure Metallics provide maximum protection with panache and zing.

Pure Metallic

Premium Blends

Adding strands of metallics or iridescence, these shreds feature a middle layer of wonderfully reflective material that emphasizes the colored layers while showering the eye with delightful twinkles of gold, silver, or iridescence.

Premium Blends




Protection with Pizzazz  

Our ulta-vivid hues and non-toxic dyes lead to rich color that won't fade on the shelf or in the basket. There's something for everyone, every day.


Click the link below to see some of the colors we have to offer. 


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Creative Customization

With so much control over shred colors, layering, and arrangement, we gladly work with your imagination to create something unique and new. Our tools include tonal blending, contrast blending, adding precious metals & lamination
as well as creative layering.


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